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Snakehead / Channa / Frankenfish

Channa is the Latin name for a group of fishes that also is known as Snakeheads and Frankenfish. Channa species has gotten a lot of attention in TV and media lately since these fishes that are normally found in south eastern Asia and Africa have been found living and breeding in American waters. They have primarily been found in Maryland but occasional finds have been done in other areas of the country. Channas (frankenfish) are very predatory fish and can grow to almost one meter in length (one yard) and it is therefore feared that these fishes could cause large damages to the local ecosystems if they are able t establish a population in the US. Frankenfish can however only survive in a small part of America since they require warm waters and breathe atmospherically oxygen and will drown if the water it lives in is covered with ice.

Many states forbid Channa fishas a result of the discovery and a national ban on importing snakeheads to America were instituted in 2003. Channa species can however still be found in fish stores and in Asian fish markets since the fish is considered a delicates in Asia . Many aquarists are very upset with this prohibition since it prevents them from keeping these interesting fishes in their aquariums even if they live in areas of the US where the Channaspecies couldn't survive in the wild.

Channa species is due to fact that they breed air able to walk on land to find new waters to live and feed in. It also make it possible for Frankenfish to survive in small water bodies with low oxygen levels.

You can find more information about different Channa species, how to keep them in aquariums and the effects on the environment in areas where they been able to establish a population on this site.


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